Immigration Law

We have developed key competence in immigration law and routinely advise clients on their obligations and rights under extant laws. We help clients facilitate the application process and granting of quotas, permits, visas and  notarization of documents. . We also file legal complaints or suits in border crossing violations of Human Rights. Over the years, we have built a strategic working relationship with key stakeholders like the Nigerian Immigration Service and Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission ensuring that foreign clients can easily transition to living and working in Nigeria after fulfilling all the requirements under the law. 

Our work is key for attracting and retaining investments into the country as we serve as an vital link for guiding international clients to access opportunities in emerging and established sectors of the economy. 

Corporate Commercial

Our Corporate- Commercial team keeps our clients aware of changing laws and regulations by communicating their impact and how their business can leverage them for opportunities....

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

We are committed to resolving our clients’ cases with a focus on speed and cost efficiency by harnessing the various ADR mechanisms- Arbitration, Negotiation, Mediation, and ...