Our Story

Established in 1992, J.D Oloyede’s Law Chambers  is built on the timeless values of unquestionable integrity and regard for the highest ethical standards in the legal profession. We have remained dynamic, expanding our practice by recruiting the brightest legal talent over the years – dedicated and intellectually curious lawyers who represent the future of the legal profession.

We are committed to constant reinvention backed by our extensive physical and digital legal resources which allow us to deliver premium legal services for our network of clients and partners. Our clients trust our expertise as a full-service law chambers and are confident in our ability to provide top-notch legal services. We provide a pathway to secure business relationships and transactions for foreign investors looking to invest or start businesses in Nigeria. 

What Defines Us?

Global Reach + Local Expertise

Home Advantage and Partnerships Beyond Borders 

We combine our experience in the Nigerian legal space with a wealth of relationships and a network of affiliate legal and advisory firms operating in other countries. The result is  a unique advantage for our clients who can count on us to answer their legal questions and provide business solutions no matter where their interests are located. 

Curiosity + Clientcentric

Question Everything, Assume Nothing, Learn the Truth

We are relentless in our search for answers to our clients’ most pressing problems. Unwilling to stop at the obvious, we conduct in depth research and weigh the most dynamic defences and solutions. This is helped by our understanding of the business and goals of the individuals and organizations who depend on our expertise. We  are constantly walking in their shoes and helping them take giant leaps forward. 

Rich Legacy + Futuristic Thinking

History of Excellence, Bold Ideas for the Future 

We have created a distinct reputation of excellent service delivery that has helped us stand out and sustain key client relationships for nearly three decades. We are assured that we would be here for the future our clients and partners are building because we are constantly listening and providing the legal solutions and structures  their bold, new ideas need to thrive.