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For over three decades,
J.D Oloyede’s Law Chambers has established itself as a leading law chambers in Nigeria, providing superior legal services to clients across the continent and beyond. Our practice defies borders and our expertise transcends jurisdictions.  We have built a multi-jurisdictional practice that has the interests of our clients front and centre. We have distinguished ourselves as a leading law chambers in Nigeria with strategic global partnerships that provide a valuable network of resources for our clients.




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We understand that the world is shaped by people who can draw inference from policy, legal and economic changes and make strategic decisions that put them ahead of their competitors. We are committed to helping our clients achieve this by creating resources that analyse current legal developments, global economic trends and regulations for emerging sectors to provide information that helps you stay ahead of your competition.

Resources provided are anchored on data, strategy and world class legal research providing key facts, laws, infographics and best practices at a glance and unique insights, opportunities for alternative investment and value creation upon deeper inspection. 

Our goal is to keep our clients informed and provide information that answers questions that they are faced with in their quest to achieve business objectives. The team is made up of skilled researchers and sector experts who bring their experience to bear in providing detailed analysis of the data and key issues that matter to you.    

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